Build Your Savings

How you save your money matters—learn about the strategies that may help.


Cybersecurity basics

Protect yourself and your money online.
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Difference Between APY and Interest

They’re related but not interchangeable.
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What is a Savings Account?

It’s a way to store money you’re not planning to use right away.
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How to Calculate Interest for a Savings Account

Learn how to calculate interest earned over a period of time.
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What are CD Rates?

CD rates are the interest rates on a CD (certificate of deposit).
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Here's what you need to know about emergency funds

Why everyone should have a financial safety net.
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What is APY?

Consider APY when comparing CDs or savings accounts.
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Can I Withdraw Interest Earned from a CD?

CDs can be more flexible than you think.
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What is a CD?

Learn about how to save with a Certificate of Deposit.
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Savings strategies for different ages and stages

It’s never too early or too late to save smart.
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How to save for a home

Accumulating your down payment is just one step you’ll need to take.
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What’s the Difference Between No-Penalty CDs and Online Savings Accounts?

One may offer more flexibility, the other higher interest rates.
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Set a savings goal and reach it in 5 steps

Turn your goals into action.
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7 ideas for being a successful saver

Small steps can make a big difference in the long run.
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Thinking About Opening a No-Penalty CD?

Here’s a look at several situations in which they can be useful.
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11 tips for building savings

Setting aside money for savings can be a challenge for a lot of reasons.
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How's your savings IQ?

How well do you understand the ins and outs of saving for the future?
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A CD primer

Typically, the longer the CD term, the higher the interest rate you will receive.
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How to Avoid a CD Early Withdrawal Penalty

One solution is to open a no-penalty CD.
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How to build a CD Ladder—and why

CD Laddering can help you fight the temptation to spend.
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Savings poll: what do you know?

We quizzed 1,000 savers–see how you compare.
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What is a No-Penalty CD?

Learn about the benefits and how it works.
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What you need to know about compound interest

It can be a great way to rev up your savings.
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