How to Set Up an Online ACH Transfer or Wire Transfer from Your Marcus Account

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Setting up ACH and Wire Transfers online could save you some time. ACH Transfers are safe, they’re available 24/7, fee-free and a confirmation page lets you know that you’ve set one up correctly. Plus, after you’ve authorized a transfer, you can use the Transfer Tracker to follow your funds to know approximately when they’ll reach their destination. Online Wire Transfers are available for up to $50,000 per statement period if you’re eligible. To wire more than your online wire transfer limit in a statement period, or if the wire transfer option is not available to you online, give us a call. 

To get started, log in at or use the Marcus app.

At How to set up an online ACH transfer or wire transfer

  1. Log in at 
  2. Choose the account you want to move money out of from your dashboard
  3. Click on or tap ‘Make a Transfer’ 
  4. Under the ‘Transfer Type' drop-down menu, choose how you’d like to move money, either through an ‘Online Transfer’ or ‘Wire Transfer’ 
    • If you choose ‘Wire Transfer’ you’ll be asked to provide a wire routing number, which is typically different from your bank’s ACH routing number
    • Note: If you do not see ‘Wire Transfer’ available in the drop-down menu, you’ll need to call into our Contact Center (1-855-730-7283) to complete your transaction
  5. Under ‘From Account,’ click or tap the account you’d like to move money from
  6. Under ‘To account,’ click or tap the account you’d like to deposit money into 
  7. Under ‘Amount,’ enter the amount of money you’d like to transfer 
  8. If you’ve selected ‘Online Transfer’ you must choose how often you want this transfer to happen
    • If it’s just once, hop to the next field
    • If you want to set up a recurring transfer, click the box and choose your desired frequency
  9. To select the online transfer date, you can manually input the date or choose from the calendar icon
  • If you’re setting up a recurring transfer, you’ll be asked when and if you want the transfers to stop

Then you’ll hit ‘Continue,' review, confirm the transfer info and be done!  The Transfer Tracker will display and show you the status of your transfer.

How to link a new account

  • Click or tap ‘My Account’ (look for the person symbol)
  • Click or tap ’External Account.’ You’ll see a page that says ‘Manage External Accounts’

From here you’ll have the option to ‘Instantly Link’ or ‘Manually Link.’ For a step-by-step explanation of how to link accounts, check out this article.

On the Marcus app: How to set up a Mobile ACH transfer

  1. From the home screen, scroll down and tap ‘Make a transfer’
  2. Tap on the field below ‘Amount’ to enter the amount of money you wish to transfer
  3. Then, select the account you want to transfer money from and the account you want to transfer money to
  4. Want to schedule a recurring transfer? Toggle the button next to ‘Recurring.’ You’ll then be prompted to select a frequency, start date and end date (optional)
  5. Once you’ve entered the relevant information for your transfer, tap ‘Continue’ 

Then, review your transfer details. If everything looks correct, select ‘Authorize’ to complete your transfer.

How to link a new account

If you want to transfer money to or from an account that’s not on your linked list, tap the “+” sign to add a new account

From here you’ll have the option to ‘Instantly Link’ or ‘Manually Link’. For a step-by-step explanation of how to link accounts, check out this article.

Will I know if I scheduled my online ACH transfer correctly?

You’ll see a confirmation notice that we’ve set up your transfer after you click or tap ‘Confirm.’ Once you do so, your transfer will be initiated, and you can use the Transfer Tracker to follow your funds.

You’ll see a ‘Track My Transfer’ link on your dashboard that allows you to see the progress of your transfer. It will automatically disappear three days after we expect the funds to have arrived, but we’ll save the information in your transaction history.

Note: When you schedule a transfer of $100,000 or less through Marcus by 12 pm ET on a business day, Marcus will complete the transfer by 5 pm ET that day. For outgoing transfers, check with your external bank regarding availability of funds sent by Marcus. For incoming transfers, Marcus will post funds to your account and you’ll start earning interest on the day they’re received, but those funds will remain subject to Marcus’ funds availability timelines.

How to transfer funds from my Online Savings Account into either a high-yield CD or a No-Penalty CD?

If you’d like to move some of the funds in your Marcus Online Savings Account into one of our CDs, the first step is opening up a new CD account, which you can do online or in the app. Once you’ve opened the CD, you’ll be given the option to fund the CD with money from an existing Marcus Account or from your account at another bank. 

What’s the difference between a wire transfer and an Online or Telephone (ACH)?

The biggest differences between an Online or Telephone (ACH) transfer and a wire transfer are how quickly you want your money to reach your account at another bank and any fees your external bank may charge for accepting a wire (not all banks do). Check out this chart for more info:

Online or Telephone (ACH) Transfer

Wire Transfer

Request by (for same Business Day processing)



Delivery time

1 - 3 business days

As fast as 1 hour

Fee from Marcus



Fee from external bank

Typically none. Check with external bank.

Possible. Check with external bank.

Transfer type

Incoming or outgoing

Outgoing only

Amount limit

Request online: Up to $125,000 per transfer

Request by phone: No limit

Request online: Up to $50,000 per statement period

Request by phone: No limit

If you do not see the Wire Transfer option available in the Transfer Type drop-down menu, you’ll need to call into our Contact Center (1-855-730-7283) to complete this transfer.

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