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How to Link to Your External Bank Account

Moving money in and out of Marcus starts with linking an account to your external bank

How to transfer money in and out of your Marcus savings account

ACH Transfers are safe, they’re available 24/7, Marcus doesn't charge a fee and a confirmation page lets you know that you’ve set one up correctly.

Online Saving Account FAQs

High-Yield Certificate of Deposit FAQs

How to Manage Your Marcus CD Maturity Plan

Conveniently manage your CD maturity plan online, up to one year before maturity

No-Penalty CD FAQs

For general information about CDs, including funding and interest questions, see Certificate of Deposit FAQs above.

Rate Bump CD FAQs

For general information about CDs, including questions about funding, interest and penalties, see Certificate of Deposit FAQs above.

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Request cards, virtual cards and mobile wallets 

GM Business Mastercard®


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