Meet the team.

Marcus Invest leverages expertise from across Goldman Sachs, giving you access to our years of investment experience. 

Investment Strategy Group (ISG)

The asset allocators.

ISG provides thoughtful asset allocation advice to businesses and clients throughout Goldman Sachs.

Their approach focuses not only on diversification across asset classes, but also on diversification across the underlying sources of return and risk.

With the power of advanced quantitative modeling and analysis, and leveraging the team’s proprietary market and economic views, ISG designs our asset allocation models to help maximize returns over the long term while managing risk.

External Investing Group (XIG)

The ETF evaluators.

XIG specializes in evaluating global investment opportunities, and they’re responsible for sourcing, researching and vetting the catalog of third-party ETFs available for use by Marcus Invest. They start with investment and operational due diligence on ETF providers, then apply a quantitative screen, which includes a variety of metrics: from tracking error to total assets, trading activity to track records. Simply put, they’ve done their homework.

Portfolio Management Group (PMG)

The portfolio builders.

Our portfolio managers within the Portfolio Management Group put all of the above strategy and due diligence into action. They collaborate with other Goldman Sachs investment professionals to decide which ETFs should be used to construct our portfolios, and continually analyze performance and liquidity based on a variety of quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Digital Investing and Advice

The platform architects.

The Digital Investing and Advice team consists of the software engineers, product managers and designers who bring Marcus Invest to you. Their technology monitors portfolios as the market moves, and recommends trades (which are reviewed by portfolio managers) to make sure your account stays aligned with your target allocation. Their intuitive design helps make it easy to understand how your investments are allocated, and how they’re performing.    

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Tell us about yourself

We’ll ask some questions about your risk tolerance and timeline to identify your investment goal.


Choose your portfolio

Select a portfolio theme that best resonates with your point of view. Then, we’ll recommend a portfolio based on what you shared with us.


Let us do the rest

Once you’re set up, we’ll continue to do the work, monitoring your portfolio daily and rebalancing your account periodically to keep it aligned to your target allocation.

Frequently asked questions

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