What happens when a Marcus Invest account owner is deceased?

Marcus is here to provide you with information about the steps to take if the owner of a Marcus Invest account passes away. Joint account owners, beneficiaries and/or executors should give us a call at 1-833-720-6468. After we confirm your identity, we’ll advise you about documents needed, including: 

If you’re a joint account owner or beneficiary on an account where the owner is deceased:

  • Death Certificate

If you’re an executor for an account owner who is deceased:

  • Letters Testamentary, dated within 60 days, or
  • Letters of Administration, dated within 60 days and
  • Death Certificate

Depending on relevant state laws, the steps and/or documents required to proceed with processing the account(s) may vary. Please call us for further instructions for confirming your identity and initiating a distribution of funds. To inform us about a deceased Marcus Invest account owner, please give us a call toll-free at 1-833-720-6468, Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6:30 pm ET.