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If I Direct Deposit My Refund Will I be Charged a Fee?

Learn what comes with choosing the direct deposit option when filing your tax refund.
clock1 min read

Where’s My Tax Refund? How to Check Your Status

Want to know where your tax refund is? Learn how to do so here.
clock2 min read

How can I get my tax refund direct deposited?

According to the IRS, the fastest way to receive your tax refund is through direct deposit.
clock2 min read

Where's my tax refund?

Our guide to help you determine when you will receive your refund and how you can get it faster.
clock3 min read

How Long Will It Take For My Refund To Show Up?

Learn how long and what process is necessary for your tax refund to show up in your bank account.
clock2 min read

Personal Tax Exemption

What is the Personal Tax Exemption and how to correctly use it?
clock2 min read

What is the standard deduction for 2018?

A major change in 2018 was the sharp increase in standard deduction.
clock2 min read

Things you should do with your tax refund

Maximize the financial benefit of your refund.
clock2 min read

What Are the Federal Income Tax Brackets?

Understanding which Federal Income Tax Bracket you fall into.
clock3 min read

Get financially fit

Learn how to save more, spend less and works towards retirement.
clock5 min read

Jill Schlesinger gives advice to recent college grads and their parents

Jill highlights the three most important financial goals for recent college grads.
clock3 min read

You choose: dream home or social media

What homeowners would give up for a free renovation.
clock2 min read

What Do Flu Shots, Holiday Travel and Antifreeze Have in Common?

These are the money questions you should ask yourself in October.
clock5 min read

First-time homeowner? Here's what year 1 will look like

Keep this list handy. Welcome to the world of home maintenance.
clock8 min read

Are you prepared for your next home improvement project?

See what concerns people the most around home improvement project costs.
clock3 min read

The link between physical and financial health

Explore how your finances may affect your well-being.
clock6 min read

Let’s talk allowances

Three parents weigh in on their approach.
clock4 min read

End Your Year Right

Make sure your finances are in order before the end of the year.
clock4 min read

60% of Americans Are Not in Their Best Financial Shape

Get more from our survey about money and health.
clock3 min read

6 money questions to ask yourself in January

Here are six questions that will help set you up for success in the New Year.
clock5 min read

When to Buy: A Seasonal Sales Guide

Because who doesn't like a bargain?
clock6 min read

Are All-Inclusive Resorts Worth It?

Planning your next vacation? Learn the pros and cons of an all-inclusive resort.
clock2 min read

How to Close a Credit Card

How to cancel a credit card - the right way.
clock5 min read

Keeping finances at arm’s-length? You’re not alone

Despite wanting to save more, Marcus by Goldman Sachs found that Americans are missing an opportunity.
clock3 min read

How to rebuild credit

Actions one person took to climb out of debt and improve their credit.
clock2 min read

Five money questions to ask yourself in April

Learn about tax extensions and tax withholdings, and other events to consider.
clock3 min read

Need help budgeting? These people got creative. So can you

Ever try a month-long spending freeze? Or join a budget challenge?
clock7 min read

How to budget

Here are a few budgeting methods to consider.
clock4 min read

Learn how to stick to your financial resolutions

Resolving to save money is great. Follow our three tips to stay on track and meet your New Year's resolutions to become financially fit.
clock3 min

How one family went from two income sources to one

4 ways to raise a family under a single income household
clock3 min read

Four money questions to ask yourself in March

Learn how to file your taxes, what a year’s worth of house maintenance costs, and more.
clock2 min read

5 tips for saving while still living a comfortable life

For those who want to spend and save, comfortably, at the same time.
clock3 min read

How minimalism can impact your finances

One person’s path to minimalism and how it changed her finances.
clock4 min read

What you should know about online-only banks

Everything you need to learn before opening an account
clock2 min read

How I saved: A 40th wedding anniversary and a tattoo

A daughter's side hustle got her parents a weekend getaway.
clock5 min read

How I Saved: A Return Trip to Paris, 30 Years in the Making

After an expensive divorce, Cameron vowed to spend on something better.
clock5 min read

How to Budget For Your Family Vacation

Learn how to build your vacation budget so you can relax
clock3 min read

Video: How Well Do You Know Your Finances?

We put speed daters to the test.
clock3 min read

It’s time to tie up loose ends

These are the money questions you should ask yourself in November.
clock4 min read

Frugal Shaming

There's a thin line between being helpful and hurtful
clock7 min read

It's Financial Planning Month (Who Knew?)

We've launched a newly redesigned storytelling destination, because now is the perfect time to start gaining control of your finances.
clock3 min read

How dynamic pricing owns your wallet

You may not see it, but it's all around you. Here's how to beat it.
clock5 min read