Account options to help build your future.

We offer both general investing and retirement accounts.

*Visuals, including values, are for illustrative purposes only.

Aligned with your goals.

The account types we offer have different benefits depending on your plans.

Investment accounts offer deposit and withdrawal flexibility. Your realized investment gains and dividends are taxable.

Individual Investment Account

For people looking to invest for a variety of reasons, timelines or goals. 

Joint Investment Account

For general investing jointly with another person, such as a spouse or partner.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) may offer tax advantages depending on your circumstances.

Traditional IRA

For people who prefer tax advantages now: Contributions may be tax-deductible if you (or your spouse) are not covered by another retirement plan.

Roth IRA

For eligible people who prefer tax advantages later: Contributions come from after-tax income, but you’re not taxed when you make withdrawals in retirement.


For people who are self-employed: Simplified Employee Pension IRAs have much higher pre-tax contribution limits than either Traditional or Roth IRAs.

Learn more about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

We can help with rollovers.

Consolidate your retirement savings in one place by rolling over an eligible IRA or 401(k) to Marcus Invest. Need a hand? Our customer support specialists are here to help.

Learn more about direct rollovers.

Before deciding to roll over a retirement account, you should consider your personal circumstances and needs. Marcus Invest’s communications to you about rollovers are provided to you solely on the basis that they are educational and intended to provide you with general information that does not address your specific personal circumstances. Learn more about direct rollovers, which Marcus Invest can help facilitate, and indirect rolovers.

Allocated accordingly. 

No matter which account type you choose, your recommended portfolio will reflect your risk preference and investment timeline. 

This tool is for illustrative purposes only. Actual asset allocations of Marcus Invest portfolios may vary.

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Tell us about yourself

We’ll ask some questions about your risk tolerance and timeline to identify your investment goal.


Choose your portfolio

Select a portfolio theme that best resonates with your point of view. Then, we’ll recommend a portfolio based on what you shared with us.


Let us do the rest

Once you’re set up, we’ll continue to do the work, monitoring your portfolio daily and rebalancing your account periodically to keep it aligned to your target allocation.

Frequently asked questions

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