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Online Savings Account


+0.25% Cash Bonus total over 3 months

Annual Percentage Yield as of July 22, 2024. APY may change at any time before or after account is opened. Maximum balance limits apply.

Cash bonus will total 0.25% of the average daily balance over a 92-day period for each of your Online Savings account(s). The earned amounts will be deposited in your Online Savings Account(s) at the end of each month in which you are enrolled in the promotion. See full terms.

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Earn 8X the national average

Our high-yield Online Savings Account earns 8X the national average—so your money works hard while you save.

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The national average rate referenced is from the FDIC's published National Rates and Rate Caps for Savings deposit products, accurate as of July 15, 2024. See the FDIC website for more information.

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How Marcus Referred works


Open an Online
Savings Account

Click “Accept invitation” on this page to activate your friend’s unique referral link and start your Cash Bonus. Complete the process online in minutes.


Start earning a Cash Bonus

Once you successfully open an Online Savings Account, you and your friend will both earn a Cash Bonus totaling 0.25% over 3 months. We’ll credit your account at the end of each month.


Share Marcus with others, earn more bonuses

When you pay it forward and share
your own unique referral link with friends, you could earn up to 5 consecutive
Cash Bonuses per year.

See full terms or our FAQs for more information.

Refer more friends, extend your Cash Bonus

For every friend you refer, you’ll earn a Cash Bonus for 3 months. You can make up to 5 successful referrals per calendar year, and you’ll start earning each new bonus the day after your previous bonus expires.

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Questions about the Online Savings Account

General questions about Marcus Referred

Changes to Marcus Referred beginning July 1, 2024

Existing Customers and Marcus Referred

New Customers and Marcus Referred

Marcus Referred and Joint Accounts

Marcus by Goldman Sachs® Referral Program Terms

UPDATED AS OF July 22, 2024

Marcus Referred Bonus Program

The Marcus Referred Bonus Program (“Referral Program”) allows Marcus customers to earn a cash amount totaling 0.25% of their average daily balance (determined monthly) over a 3-month (92 days) period ("Referral Period”) on all of their Marcus Online Savings Account(s) (the “Marcus Referred Bonus” or “Bonus”). The Bonus is further described in “Bonus Calculation” below.


Existing Customers
As an existing Marcus deposits customer, you can receive a Marcus Referred Bonus on all of your Marcus Online Savings Account(s) (each a “Savings Account”) after a New Customer (defined below) opens a new Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit (“CD”) using your unique referral link (a “Successful Referral”). The Marcus Referred Bonus cannot be applied to any of your CDs. Adding a joint owner to an existing Savings Account will not count as a Successful Referral. Your unique referral link will be accessible in the Marcus Referral Center. You can access the Marcus Referral Center by logging in and selecting “Marcus Referred” in the menu at the upper right corner of any page.

After a Successful Referral, all your existing Savings Accounts will earn a cash bonus. You must have an Savings Account at the time of a Successful Referral to earn a Marcus Referred Bonus. New Savings Accounts opened after a Successful Referral may also be eligible for a Marcus Referred Bonus, as further detailed in the General section below. A Marcus Referred Bonus will automatically start within 1 business day following a Successful Referral.

New Customers
If you have not had a Marcus Savings Account or CD in the last 12 months (a “New Customer”), you can receive a Marcus Referred Bonus when you use an existing customer’s unique referral link to open a new Savings Account. Your Marcus Referred Bonus will be applied to your Account(s) within 1 business day of when your Savings Account is opened using an existing customer’s unique referral link. New jointly owned Savings Accounts opened through a unique referral link can receive a Marcus Referred Bonus if all account owners at the time of account opening are New Customers. The Marcus Referred Bonus earned as a New Customer will not count towards your referral maximums (see General section below for more information regarding maximums).

By using an existing customer’s unique referral link to open an account, you acknowledge that the customer whose unique referral link you use may know that you opened a Marcus account and when. If you wish to avoid this, do not sign up for a Marcus account through a unique referral link.

Referral Period
Once you have a Successful Referral, you will be enrolled into the Referral Program for the Referral Period. If the Successful Referral occurs before 9:30 PM ET, your Referral Period will begin on the day of the Successful Referral. If the Successful Referral occurs after 9:30 PM ET, your Referral Period will begin on the day after the Successful Referral.

The dates associated with the Referral Period of a Marcus Referred Bonus on your individually owned Savings Accounts may differ from that on your jointly owned Accounts.

Bonus Calculation
The Bonus will be calculated and deposited at the end of each month by taking the average of your daily balance for the month and multiplying it by a daily fraction for the number of days you are enrolled in the Referral Program in that month. The “Daily Balance” is your current account balance as of 6:00 PM EST, plus interest accrued daily. The “Daily Fraction” is determined by taking 1.00% and dividing it by 365 days (366-days for enrollments before March 1 during a leap year). We only pay the Bonus in whole cents, and any fractional amounts will be accrued and carried over to the following month during a Referral Period. The Bonus will only be earned on days in the month in which a Marcus Referred Bonus has been applied to your accounts. The total amount you will earn over a Referral Period will be the equivalent of 0.25%. If you close your account during the Referral Program, your Bonus will be calculated as of the day you close your Account. The Bonus will be reflected as an individual line item under “Account Activity” as: “Bonus Paid- Referral Promotion” on your monthly statement.


To receive a Marcus Referred Bonus, your Savings Accounts must be open and in good standing. CDs, including the current CD products and any future CD products, are not eligible to receive any bonuses through Marcus Referred (please consult your Deposit Account Agreement for the most current list of products). You can see the status of all your earned Marcus Referred Bonuses in the Marcus Referral Center at any time.

If you open new Savings Accounts while any of your existing Savings Accounts are receiving a Marcus Referred Bonus, we will apply the Marcus Referred Bonus to your new Savings Accounts. You will receive the Marcus Referred Bonus through the latest expiration date of your then-current Marcus Referred Bonus.

Jointly owned Savings Accounts may receive a Marcus Referred Bonus through a Successful Referral, but individual Marcus Referred Bonus maximums still apply. Adding additional joint account owners will not qualify as a Successful Referral.

If any joint owner of a jointly owned Savings Account is currently receiving a Marcus Referred Bonus when a new jointly owned Savings Account is opened with any person, the new jointly owned Savings Account will receive a Marcus Referred Bonus through the latest expiration date of an active Marcus Referred Bonus associated with any one joint owner under the terms and conditions of that Promotional Bonus. Subsequent Marcus Referred Bonuses earned by any joint owner will result in an accrual of additional 92-day Marcus Referred Bonuses, each to be applied consecutively. The Successful Referral of any one owner on a jointly owned Savings Account will only be applied towards that owner’s individual Marcus Referred Bonus maximum.

Marcus Referred Bonuses may only be combined with other non-referral promotional offers available to Marcus customers. You can earn a maximum combined total of 5 Marcus Referred Bonuses under these Referral Program Terms and any other Marcus by Goldman Sachs referral programs in each calendar year. If you are already receiving a Marcus Referred Bonus, the next Marcus Referred Bonus you earn will begin on the day after your current Marcus Referred Bonus expires based on the terms and conditions of that Marcus Referred Bonus. Only one Marcus Referred Bonus will be applied to your Savings Accounts at any given time. The Bonus will be treated as interest for tax reporting purposes.

Any other Marcus by Goldman Sachs referral programs will be treated as a separate referral program with separate terms, offer period, and/or benefits. We reserve the right to revoke or modify this program at any time without notice, which could include changing the type of promotion awarded or the amount of any Bonus offered. If we determine that you have engaged in or plan to engage in abuse or gaming in connection with this offer, you will not be eligible for this offer.