Managing Debt

Knowing how debt works can help you manage it—let’s get started.


The phenomenon of lifestyle inflation

Learn how to control increased spending when your income rises.
clock5 min read

What if you could think your way out of debt?

Understanding the psychology of credit card debt.
clock8 min read

Five things that can help with credit card debt

Things you can do right now to manage your credit card debt.
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Credit Card Consolidation 101

Simplify your credit card debt with these options.
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Credit card debt and your happiness

Taking control of your credit card debt can lead to happiness.
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Before you borrow

Know the facts about borrowing money.
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Common causes of debt

How it all adds up.
clock3 min read

Get realistic about what you owe

Say goodbye to debt faster.
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How to get out of debt

Steps for getting and staying out of debt.
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Essay: Lessons from a serial mover

Here's advice from someone who's moved 9 times in 8 years.
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The link between social media usage and debt

How social media impacts our spending choices.
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Debt settlement companies

How it works and the risks you should be aware of.
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Get started paying down your debt

How to begin getting your finances in order.
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Three Benefits of Debt Consolidation

There are many advantages to consolidating debt. Here are just a few.
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Debt consolidation - pros and cons you need to know

A big picture look at consolidating debt.
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Worried about extra debt? You’re not alone

See what expenses Americans worry will cause unexpected credit card debt.
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The many benefits of debt-free living

Less stress and more funds to invest are just a couple of them.
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Paying off debt

The tried-and-true methods for paying off debt faster.
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Thinking about borrowing against your 401(k)?

Doing so comes with risks.
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