Home Addition Calculator

Our step-by-step calculator estimates the impact an addition may have on your home’s value.

How to Plan Your Home Addition

Define your priorities—If your goal is increasing your home’s value, compare your home’s features to what’s nearby for ideas for what to add.

Think long term—Additions that balance out tradeoffs, like buying a home with an older kitchen, could turn a starter home into a longer-term investment.

Budget for overruns—Experts recommend choosing your budget and then setting aside 10% to 20% for unexpected costs like termite damage or to bring sections of an older house up to current building codes.

How to Pay for Your Home Addition

Depending on your strategy, some payment options could add to the cost of your home addition or limit your flexibility.

A home improvement loan from Marcus may be a better option:

There’s no appraisal

There are no fees. Ever.

The funds go right to you, providing control and flexibility

The fixed rate can make it easier to stay within your budget