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Earn 4x the national average with Marcus by Goldman Sachs' 2.25% APY.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of April 23, 2019. APY may change at any time before or after account is opened.  Maximum balance limits apply. A maximum of six (6) withdrawals or transfers per monthly statement period are allowed.

The National Average is based on the APY average for high-yield savings accounts with a minimum balance of at least $2,500 offered by the top 50 US banks (ranked by total deposits) as reported by Informa Research Services, Informa has obtained the data from various financial institutions that it tracks and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. All APYs are subject to change. National Average rate effective as of  January 4, 2019. Our rate for purposes of this comparison as of January 4, 2019.


What's a high-yield Online Savings Account?

Traditional savings accounts are more like storage accounts, often paying interest rates that start with zero. Instead of letting your money gather dust in these lower-rate accounts, the rate on a Marcus high-yield Online Savings Account could really make a difference to your bottom line. Plus, the Marcus Online Savings Account has no fees, so you keep every dollar you earn. How do we do it? To start, we don’t have any branches, so we're able to offer our customers high rates – while providing convenient online banking backed by our 7-days-a-week, US-based Contact Center (just in case you want to talk to a real person).

Do you know the interest rate on your savings account?

You might be surprised when you compare the savings account rate at your current bank to what you could earn with a Marcus Online Savings Account. In fact, Marcus took to the streets of New York City to see people’s reactions when they heard what they could be earning with Marcus. Many of them were shocked.

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What bank do you have a savings account with? [Bleeps] Your bank’s savings account rate is point-zero-five percent. Point-zero-five. Point-zero-one percent. Okay, I knew it was pretty low. Point-zero-one. Wow. Say this is what you’re making with your current, point-zero-one rate. This is what you could be earning with a Marcus Online Savings Account rate of two-point-two-five percent. One, two, three … seven, eight … twelve, thirteen … twenty-two, twenty-three. Man, where can I sign up? Is your rate four times the national average?

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Our high-yield Online Savings Account has a competitive rate and no fees. But a great savings account is more than simply a great rate. At Marcus, our Online Savings Account gives you the convenience of online banking plus the customer service you deserve:

Sign up in minutes from mobile, desktop or telephone

Link accounts easily to transfer funds

Begin earning interest the day your deposit is received

US-based Contact Center: Talk to a real person, 7 days a week

FDIC insured

Americans could have earned $25 billion more in interest on their savings accounts last year

It’s true! According to our calculation, collectively, Americans could have earned over $25 billion in interest last year if they all had taken advantage of high-yield savings accounts like the Marcus Online Savings Account. Don’t leave money on the table! Earn the interest you deserve with a high-yield Online Savings Account from Marcus.

See how much you could earn

Take a look at what a high-yield Online Savings Account could do for your savings. Try our calculator below – it’s like getting a sneak peek at your financial future…with just a few clicks.

Savings calculation is based on the difference between the rate on a Marcus Online Savings Account and the national average for savings accounts, multiplied by the total amount deposited in US savings accounts as of Q2 2018. Amount of total deposits as of Q2 2018 provided by SNL Financial LC. National average for savings accounts provided by Informa Research Services. Rates as of January 8, 2019 and may change at any time.

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