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No minimum deposit ($1 balance required to earn stated APY)

FDIC Insured

The National Average is based on the APY average for high-yield savings accounts with a minimum balance of at least $2,500 offered by the top 50 US banks (ranked by total deposits) as reported by Informa Research Services, www.informars.com. Informa has obtained the data from various financial institutions that it tracks and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. All APYs are subject to change. National Average rate effective as of January 4, 2019. Our rate effective as of January 4, 2019.

Annual Percentage Yield:


Minimum to earn APY:


Monthly Service Fees:


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Do you know the interest rate on your savings account?

People are shocked at how little their bank pays.

Do you know the interest rate on your savings account?

People are shocked at how little their bank pays.

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What bank do you have a savings account with? [Bleeps] Your bank's savings account rate is point-zero-five percent. Point-zero-five. Point-zero-one percent. Okay, I knew it was pretty low. Point-zero-one. Wow. Say this is what you're making with your current, point-zero-one rate. This is what you could be earning with a Marcus Online Savings Account rate of two-point-zero-five percent. One, two, three ... seven, eight ... twelve, thirteen ... twenty-two, twenty-three. Man, where can I sign up? Is your rate four times the national average?

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