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How to Make a Marcus Personal Loan Payment

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This step-by-step goes through the basics so you can see how to make a payment online or on the app.

Heads-up before we jump in: we tend to update screens fairly frequently so the images may not fully match what you see on your desktop or phone, but the instructions will still work. 

Making a payment on

1. Log in at

(Look for the lock in on the upper right corner)

2. Click the “Make a payment” link 

This is near the loan name and payment date.

3. Select the account you want to draw money from to make your payment

This is under the “Pay From” menu. (To link a new account, follow these instructions.) 

4. Select “One-time payment” Under “Payment Type.” 

(Curious about AutoPay? You can learn about it here.)

5. Choose the amount you’d like to pay and the payment date then click “Continue.”

6. Review all of the details

If they’re right, select “Confirm Payment.” (If you want to change anything, click “Edit.”)

7. Look for this confirmation notice

(If you want to learn about payment due dates, how early payments may or may not count towards your monthly payment and how interest is calculated, this article has you covered.)

8. Pat yourself on the back

Making a payment on the marcus app

1. Open the Marcus app and tap “Make a Payment”

This is also where you’ll see your payment due date.

2. Choose the amount you’d like to pay and tap “Continue”

3. If you choose Custom Amount enter your payment and tap “Done.”

The keypad will automatically pop up.

4. Choose the payment date

Tap the pulldown next to “Payment date”

5. Select the payment date and tap “Done.”

The calendar will automatically pop up.

6. Review the payment and date and tap “Continue.” 

7. Review all of the details

If they’re right, select “Confirm Payment.”  

To change information, tap the back arrow.

8. Cross this payment off your to-do list when you see this screen

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