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Yes, Financial Planning Month Matters

Financial Planning Month.

Unless you’re into tracking obscure holidays (or work at a large financial services firm!), Financial Planning Month may not mean a whole lot to you. And we don’t blame you.

Yet there's a reason finding a time to talk about our finances is important.

At Marcus, we learned something striking in a recent survey. Just 28 percent – or less than a third - of Americans surveyed felt like they’re always in control of their finances.

Some of us may try to plan our finances with some regularity, with varying results. While others of us may have given up trying to plan altogether. The truth is planning our finances evokes a range of emotions.

And it’s alright if you feel this way now, but the idea of "financial planning" shouldn't feel scary.

We can help you achieve that sense of control. You’ll notice that we've redesigned the resources section of That's because we're going tell a deeper and broader range of stories than before.

Whether talking to people saving for a dream, revealing ways others get creative with budgeting, or answering the puzzling (like if paying off your debt actually lowers your credit score), we now have even more information available to help you get answers and achieve financial well-being.   

Just know we're going to be here to help you. We started with Financial Planning Month, but it’s not just a month: it’s the beginning of a financial journey. And that’s something we can all do together, year-round. 

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