Signs of the Holidays: How your astrological sign could affect your spending

The holidays are coming up and that can mean gifts, and gifts can mean spending.

But not everyone spends the same way — we asked 1,053 Americans and found that 63% say the holiday season is the most financially stressful time of year. That’s probably not surprising, seeing how 61% anticipate spending more than they would like. What’s more, over a third said that they will rely on credit cards to pay for holiday spending. And it’s not just gifts: according to the National Retail Federation, on average Americans spend more than $1,000 during the season on gifts, decorations, food and other things.

But this is just one way of looking at it. When we looked towards the stars and divided answers by sign, we found some interesting patterns. While 48% of Americans carry credit card debt during the holidays, only 37% of Scorpios do while 56% of Pisces do the same. 

While the stars may or may not dictate your spending and saving habits, one thing’s for sure: you can make the holidays less stressful, money-wise, with some planning ahead and budgeting. 

Maybe there is something to horoscopes after all.

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