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Navigating Your Financial Journey

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How might our emotions influence our financial decision-making? In this video, Joe Duran and Cynthia Loh from Goldman Sach’s Personal Financial Management division touch on what we can (and can't) control, how to establish good money habits, and explain when it might be time to work with a financial advisor. They also share their experiences, and discuss the following foundational concepts for understanding how our lives and money connect: 

Understanding the 3 Money Mindsets: 

  • Happiness: A focus on enjoying what money can provide
  • Protection: Seeking security and peace of mind
  • Commitment: Caring for people and causes you love

Having a Constructive Decision-Making Process

  • To help make sure our emotions don’t override what’s best for us

Acknowledging The 5 Things We Can Control in Our Financial Lives: 

  • How much we spend
  • How much we save
  • The timing of life events
  • Our tolerance for risk
  • How much of a safety net we want to have

We hope you enjoy this dialog, which frankly addresses the emotions and tendencies that are always at stake when we talk about money. To find out which Money Mindset most influences you, you can take PFM’s MoneyMind Quiz.

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