How We Earned the J.D. Power Award for Best Personal Loan Customer Experience

By: Joni Green

I’m proud to announce J.D. Power ranked Marcus #1 for Personal Loan Customer Satisfaction. I started working at Marcus a little over three years ago – when we had no website, no customers and were still working on a brand name. In my first days at Marcus, the project was so secret it was hard to tell what we were working on. But even back then, I knew our foremost goal was to build a product that truly was on the customer’s side. It’s what motivates us to this day. On behalf of the full team at Marcus, we’re honored to be recognized for these efforts. We know it’s not only the right thing to do – it’s essential to being successful.

In its inaugural year, the J.D. Power Personal Loan Satisfaction Study measured the satisfaction of 3,413 personal loan customers, including ours. The study explored how four major factors (interaction; billing and payment; loan offerings and terms; application and approval process) influenced customers choice, satisfaction and loyalty to different personal loan providers.

Here are a couple takeaways from the study I thought were particularly interesting:

  • Customers that applied to personal loans digitally reported better understanding of the loan application and higher satisfaction
  • Providing fast and efficient loan funding is critical

When looking at these takeaways, I think there’s no coincidence why we’ve been ranked highest for Personal Loan Customer Satisfaction. From day one, our lending product was built to be an intuitive digital-first experience. We have real people answering the phones at our customer call center to facilitate honest, easy and personable interactions. My friends on the tech team and our partners work hard to make sure a customer gets their loan in less than 4 days after they’re approved.

We’ve listened to over 10,000 people tell us about their experiences with debt and financial services to design and refine Marcus.  I’ve been lucky enough to participate in focus groups to hear some of their stories. Marcus by Goldman Sachs’ score in the Personal Loans Satisfaction Study is 899, which is 46 points higher than the industry average. As a marketer, to learn from the J.D. Power study that the majority of Marcus customers are promoters of the brand is awesome – and not just because it’s less work for me. 

Make no mistake, launching and running Marcus has not been easy and we haven’t been perfect. My colleagues and I spent days (and nights) fixing bugs, overturning decisions and mining through data for seemingly impossible answers.  Our leadership has called up customers personally to apologize when things went wrong.  We still have plenty of areas for improvement today. However, this is only the beginning.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs received the highest score in the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Personal Loan Satisfaction Study of customers’ satisfaction with the personal loan experience. Visit

The official J.D. Power Press Release can be viewed here.

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