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Marcus Insights: See Your Spending by Category and by Most Frequented Merchants

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See your spending by category

Discover how you spend across categories including travel, shopping, dining and drinks, and home. First scroll down to tile that shows your spending by category, then toggle between different categories by tapping on the arrows. For a more detailed view, tap into the tile. You’ll then be able to see specific transactions and merchants within a category. 

See a transaction that looks like it’s in the wrong category? Simply tap on that transaction to update the category. You can also make the transaction a recurring expense, or exclude it from your spending view. You can even re-categorize a specific transaction so that the category applies to future expenses from that merchant (e.g., categorizing all transactions from Amazon as ‘shopping’).

See your spending by your most frequented merchants

See how much you’ve spent with your most frequented merchants over a certain timeframe. Scroll down to the tile labeled ‘What did I spend on’that shows how much you spent at your top merchants over a selected period of time. Tap on ‘See more’ to get a detailed transaction view of your spending from a particular merchant.

Marcus Insights is currently only available on iOS (coming soon to Android and web) to existing Marcus customers who have a savings or personal loan account.

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