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Marcus Insights: See Your Monthly Cash Flow

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See your month at a glance: what you’ve saved, spent, and invested, and what’s left over. From the home screen, scroll down to the tile that gives you a view of your monthly snapshot. You’ll see a breakdown of your spending so far this month, your monthly income and what’s remaining. 

To get a closer look at your monthly snapshot, tap on the tile. From here, toggle between the arrows to get a closer look at your spending, saving and investments. You’ll also see your historical monthly snapshots at the bottom of the screen, and can tap on those to look at your previous months’ details.

Take a look at your recurring expenses

To view your recurring expenses, simply tap on ‘Recurring expenses’ to see which monthly expenses you’ve already paid. This gives you the ability to look at transactions you regularly pay – things like bills, subscriptions, etc. – and parse them out from your other spending.

Want to add a recurring expense to your monthly snapshot? From the current month, toggle to your spending view and then tap ‘Add recurring expenses.’ You’ll then be able to search from your recent transactions and tag an expense as recurring using the toggle.

Tap on ‘Other spending’ to see transactions that fall outside of your recurring expense categories. From here, you can sort transactions by date, amount or category.

View contributions to your monthly savings and investment accounts

Tap on either ‘Savings’ or ‘Investments’ to see your monthly contributions to your savings or investment accounts.

Marcus Insights is currently only available on iOS (coming soon to Android and web) to existing Marcus customers who have a savings or personal loan account.

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