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Welcome to the Marcus app! We’ve introduced some exciting updates since we’ve first launched, including adding Marcus Insights to our app experience. Marcus Insights brings your finances together in a single dashboard with smart tools and trackers to help you optimize your money.

We’ll show you how to get started with Marcus Insights below, but let’s walk you through everything you can do in the app including:

Navigating the app: tap, swipe, scroll

Log in to the Marcus app quickly and securely with just a touch or glance with fingerprint or facial recognition. The app has a simple navigation so you can conveniently access your accounts and profile details with just a few taps:

For a snapshot of your accounts

To drill into your account details 

To view your transactions
(Note: this feature is unlocked once you’ve enrolled in Marcus Insights)

To view your profile, FAQs and access to customer support; you can also log out of the app from here

You can also scroll down for articles that may help inspire your financial strategies and provide tips on making the most of your money.

The best way to learn about navigating the app is to tap, swipe and scroll your way through. Go ahead and play around with it – see what you discover.

Good to Know: We care about your security and know you do, too. We’ve taken measures to safeguard your personal information and account details, such as the use of multi-factor authentication in the app.

Getting started with Marcus Insights

From the home feed of your app, look for a tile that invites you to get started with Marcus Insights. Follow the on-screen prompts to unlock Marcus Insights and link your first account.

Once you’ve enrolled in Marcus Insights, we’ll help give you a clear picture of your finances so you can find new ways to optimize your money. Features include: 

Your accounts at a glance – get a view of your checking, savings, loan, and investment accounts alongside your Marcus accounts, all in one place. Learn more here.

Spending by category and by most frequented merchants

  • Discover how you spend across categories including travel, shopping, dining and drinks, and home.
  • See how much you’ve spent with your most frequented merchants over a certain timeframe (this feature is currently only available on iOS). 
  • Learn more here.

Monthly cash flow – see your month at a glance: what you’ve saved, spent, and invested, and what’s left over. Learn more here.

Marcus Insights’ smart tools and trackers are designed to help you see your money clearly and make empowered financial decisions.

Drill into your Marcus savings account activity

From the home screen, tap on the Marcus savings account you want to view. Tap or swipe to your right on the chart to get a view of your savings history over time. Below the chart, you can see your account details including transfers, deposits and interest earned.

Tap ‘See More’ to get a detailed look into your account including the routing and account numbers. Then, scroll down to see your recent transactions.

Make a one-time or recurring transfer

Simply tap on ‘Make a Transfer’ from the account details screen to make a transfer. From here, you can make a one-time or recurring transfer.

The Transfer Tracker is intended to give you additional clarity – and peace of mind – about when your money will arrive in your Marcus account.

Drill into your Marcus loan account activity

From the home screen, tap on the Marcus loan you want to view. The bar shows your remaining principal balance on your loan in a way that visually highlights your progress.

Tap ‘See More’ to get a detailed by-the-numbers look at your account activity – including principal remaining and APR. Scroll down to see your recent payments.

Make a payment, or enroll in AutoPay

Simply tap on ‘Make a Payment’ to get to this screen. From here, you can make a one-time payment, or enroll in AutoPay.

There can be a lot of clutter in apps today. Our designers wanted to create an app where your finances are easily digestible. With an intuitive and streamlined design, the app is a place where you can get things done with your money.

Simply tap on ‘Make a Payment’ to get to the screen below. From here, you can make a one-time payment, or enroll in AutoPay.

Our mobile banking app gives you fast, easy mobile access to your Marcus accounts anytime with just a few taps.

The Marcus app is available in both the App Store and Google Play. Available in the US only. Marcus Insights is available on iOS, Android and web. User experience and user interface may differ slightly based on mobile device and platform.

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