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Survey: Finances, Fitness and How Americans are Thinking About Both

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What’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Fiscal fitness? Physical Fitness? For the 1,239 Americans we polled in November, it’s a little of both. Here’s some of what they shared. 

Full Survey Results

How Americans describe their finances

How much time do Americans dedicate to physical fitness every week? 

How much time Americans dedicate to working on finances every week

Working on finances vs working on fitness 

Did you spend more time on your fitness goals or financial goals while at home during the pandemic?

Physical vs financial fitness – which do you currently prioritize?

Progress check: Have you made more progress on your fitness goals or on your financial goals while you’ve been home during the pandemic?

2022 priority: Physical fitness or financial fitness? 

Choose things you’ll focus on for 2022: Grow savings, pay off debt, improve your credit score, sticking to a budget, growing existing investments, starting to invest or contribute to a retirement account? 

Physical or financial, which type of New Year’s resolution are you more likely to keep?

Which is more of a struggle, sticking to a budget or sticking to a fitness plan?

If the cost was the same, which professionals would you hire: a financial advisor or a personal trainer?

Workouts – Which do you prefer: At home or somewhere else (e.g. gym, workout class)? 

Banking preferences: At home/digitally or at a physical bank branch?

Financial vs Fitness apps, which do we have more of?

How many personal finance apps (banking, budgeting) are on your phone?

How many physical fitness apps are on your phone?

Which is easier: Reaching physical fitness goals or financial goals?

What is more important to you in a partner: financial fitness or physical fitness?

Methodology: The Financial Fitness Survey was conducted by Marcus by Goldman Sachs in November 2021 among 1,239 Americans.

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