We created Marcus to help people achieve financial well-being.

In 1869, Marcus Goldman set up shop, beginning a long history of bringing financial expertise to clients.

Photo of Marcus Goldman

Today, the variety of financial services and products from Marcus by Goldman Sachs® puts technology and 148 years of financial expertise to work for you.  

Marcus personal loans and online savings accounts help people find ways to be smarter with their money.

We listened to 10,000 people tell us about their experiences with debt. When people tried paying off their expenses using credit cards, they often got stuck in an endless cycle of high interest rates and fees. Debt happens—and it can happen to anyone. A loan from Marcus can help you better manage it. 

We understand that people want to make the most out of their money. It’s why we’ve designed our savings products to truly be on our customers’ side. Whether your savings goals are short-term or long-term, we have a savings product that fits your need.

We’re about helping customers do better now and in the long run.

What we stand for.

Inspired by Marcus Goldman, we put our customers at the center of everything we do.

We offer value.

Financial products intended to help our customers –from personal loans with fixed rates and customizable payment options to savings accounts that help our customers meet their financial goals.

We are transparent.

Our personal loans have no hidden fees. Ever. Same with our savings accounts. But there is an early withdrawal fee associated with our CDs. And we make money on interest from our loans. We’re upfront about this kind of stuff.

We keep things simple.

No jargon. No tricks. Just straight talk. Not to mention an intuitive digital experience and real people answering the phones at our customer call center.